Good Shepherd Bible Camp (GSBC)

A Youth Ministry within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Arizona – California District

Friday, January 01, 2016

Our GSBC Breaking News!!--

^^^^ It's Planning Time... ^^^^

START Planning for GSBC 2019 --- All you AZ, NV, and CA campers-----Are we part of your summer plans yet?   We want you to be part of ours!

Please also go to our main webpage link located at GSBC Main Webpage for even more information.

Sunday (7/14) through Saturday (7/20)
  Please make sure that you COME and have some FUN!  We look forward to seeing you very SOON.

BRING a Friend or a Neighbor!

(BRING your WHOLE FAMILY for a unique and rewarding vacation!)
We will be going to the mountains to see His beautiful creation while we hear, study, and discuss our Savior, Jesus', words. There will also be many times during the week when it will be not so quiet and restful such as during the evening games, hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc! You get the picture! Come see old friends and make new friends. Come see God's beautiful mountain! We look forward to spending the week with you. Get a camper or staff registration form under "Links"on the right side of the page, click on "GSBC_Downloads".

For those of you who were able to come last year, please not only come again but also spread the word and bring a friend or cousin. A whole bunch of pictures from this last year's camp are posted on the "GSBC Pictures" link on the right side of this page.

This year's registration deadline will be June 30th. Please have your registration forms postmarked by then to avoid the $30 late fee.

NOTE:  You will notice that some of the links on this blog page will take you to another website location. The second location offers advantages for providing more content for you.  Both locations will continue to be active; however, overtime some of the content will be permanently moved to the second location.  You can ALWAYS start with this GSBC blog page------ no need to change your bookmark!

^^^^ Let's LOOK-AHEAD! ^^^^

GSBC 2019 
Once again look for 2019 information at some of the WELS Southern California hosted gradeschool tournaments and fairs or from your local pastor. The GSBC promo table will have extra registration forms, fliers, and the raffle cards for you to try to win one free week at camp. You can also download a registration form from this website and take it to your pastor for a signature. The dates for GSBC 2019 are reserved for Sunday, July 14, through Saturday, July 20. Please MARK your calendars now so that you plan around those dates. Your registrations will be due by June 30th. Don't wait until then, ask your parents if you can fill one out now. Get a registration form under "Links" on the right side of the page, click on "GSBC Downloads".
Check us out at the .......


    At the following WELS events, there will be a chance for you to fill out a raffle ticket to try to win a free week at camp. Be sure not to miss our table! Just look for the banner you see above.

  • Reformation Basketball Tournament - January 26
  • Southern California CLHS Fine Arts Fair - April 06
  • WELS So Cal Track Meet - May 04
^^^^ Misc Items ^^^^

Arizona/Nevada Friends
We are always very thankful for the friends that come to camp from both Arizona and Nevada. We are not only happy to see you but we are also very appreciative of your extra drive to get to GSBC. Once again we will offer you some "travellers aid" for the extra miles (or should we say gasoline)! Please go to the link "AZ and NV Carpooling Coupon" for more details.

Looking BACK Fondly
Would you like to skip through some memories and friends from past camp years? Lots of you have done that at camp by flipping through the photo albums in the lodge. We now have some electronic versions from recent years which are similar to Grandpa Jim's annual photo albums from years past. Please go to the link "GSBC Pictures" to explore our camp or to bring back memories. All of the pictures can be downloaded and are ready for printing up to about a 5" x7" photo.

Camp Volunteer Staffing Needs (June, July)
We will assess our needs in June or as soon as we start getting in your registrations. Our volunteer needs range from cabin shepherds, craft helpers, kitchen help, games-canoes-music-archery leads. Some of our special needs include qualified nurses or EMTs, and certified life guards. We are a volunteer run camp and more help is always better for the camp. All you volunteers can register with a staff form OR drop us an email anytime at "".